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Softwash Systems in network 5-year Spot-free Limited Warranty


Softwash’s Systems in network 5-year spot-free limited warranty will provide the service of a full roof cleaning (no partial cleanings will be warrantied) necessary to maintain a spot-free absense of dark molds and mildews from the client’s roof for a period of 12 months from the original date of cleaning.  For years 2 through 5, Clearview Softwash will treat whole or in-part any areas of recurring dark molds or mildews with us paying the first 50% of the original quoted price, and the property owner paying a prorated amount of 50%, before discounts. An entire treatment will be prorated against the original quoted retail price of the roof cleaning from the original date of cleaning.  Smaller areas of staining, less than 25% of the total area of the roof, will be prorated from the current hourly charge for service.

Courtesy Treatments

Clearview Softwash reserves the right to courtesy treat small, insignificant areas at the customer’s request at a time preferable to the Clearview Softwash’s scheduling.  Clearview Softwash also reserves the right to discontinue any and all courtesy treatments.


This warranty covers shingle, concrete tile, clay tile, slate, asbestos, and composite roofs that are of the proper pitch with no water pooling on the roofs surface.  Clearview Softwash’s roof cleaning process is safe for your roof.  If any damage is caused to your roof by our personnel, or our process or the chemicals in our process, Clearview Softwash will repair or replace your roof, at its option. Furthermore, if Clearview Softwash’s process and/or chemicals void the manufacturer’s warranties on your roof, Clearview Softwash will repair or replace your roof in accordance with the terms and conditions of the roofing manufacturer’s warranty.

This warranty does not cover new or replacement roofing not originally treated by Clearview Softwash, areas under or around roof-mounted apparatus or Acts of God determined by local area.  It is the customer’s responsibility to keep the roof free from debris, as well as tree limbs trimmed away at least eight feet from the roof surface. Green Mustard Algae is not covered for retreatment.

Clearview Softwash Scope of Work

The work and services performed are those expressly agreed upon on the front of this agreement. Additions requested by the customer will be added to the contract as an additional charge. Please read this document completely to be sure each service you require is listed. If it is not listed, ask the representative to make a written amendment to the front of this document to communicate your service request. Services to be performed are accompanied by a check mark in the services box.


Clearview Softwash will arrange with the customer an agreeable day for the work to start. Before technicians arrive to perform work, customer agrees to make any and all arrangements to notify residents or employees of scheduled work insuring the protection or removal of resident’s or employee’s property. Clearview Softwash can provide a standard notification flyer for customer’s use if requested. If work needs to be postponed due to customer, residents or customer’s employee’s noncompliance of the terms and conditions of this contract or notices, or if the customer fails to notify appropriate parties and delays occur, the customer will be subject to additional charges.

Weathering Period

Clearview Softwash follows SoftWash System’s cleaning process for roofs, which does not involve the use of high pressure or wire brushes.  Therefore, all visible moss may not be completely removed at the time of service.  The percentage of soft brooming estimated is the amount of moss that will be removed prior to applying our cleaning solutions, which will then kill 100% of the remaining moss and its root systems.  Any remaining dead moss will take 6-12 months to shrink away from the shingles and weather off naturally with the sun, wind, rain, and other elements (“weathering period”).  This deliberate process ensures a thorough cleaning without damaging your roof.


Weather conditions are an important factor in our work environment. Clearview Softwash may need to cancel their work due to rain, wind, or lightning. Rescheduling will be done at Clearview Softwash's discretion upon agreeable notification to customer.


Clearview Softwash has pledged to the 50 Point Standard for the Roof Cleaning Industry. This document has 10 points that address safety for the contractor as well as the property owner. This member company adheres to these points.

Before We Begin, You Should Know...

Clearview Softwash has experienced certain conditions that should be pointed out before we initiate service on your property. We have found that taking certain steps can eliminate plant damage associated with certain types of chemical exposure. This requires the client to ensure all landscape and lawn areas are watered thoroughly. Plants require a minimum of twenty minutes of watering per zone the evening before service and nightly for two weeks after service. Where there are gutters, you are required to make sure all downspouts do not drain into landscape beds. Plants located at a gutter downspout will stress from chemical exposure. Clearview Softwash is not responsible for plants at or around gutter downspouts, French drains or gutter seam leaks/damage.

Exterior aluminum commonly has a dark oxidation that comes with aging. This oxidation is not always removable. Rust stains associated with irrigation systems are removable with separate chemical at a separate charge. Rust stains associated with rusting cars, patio furniture, or from fertilizer are usually permanent and not removable. Grease residue can be removed, but a permanent grease spot remains, even after the use of strong chemicals. Rust and Oil stains are charged as separate items. Please see your scope of work or call your Clearview Softwash Rep. to have items added to your contacts scope of work.

Fire alarm control panels and other outside electrical equipment will be exposed to moisture. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure these items are made water tight before service. Water hose connections, pipes, and valves will be used for water source. The customer will make sure they are in good working order and secured to the wall to avoid damages.

Property Damage Claims

In the unlikely event of property damage, claims must be submitted in writing to Clearview Softwash within 31 days from the time of cleaning. This excludes liabilities named within the expressed warranties above. Upon the conclusion of an investigation by Clearview Softwash Customer Care Division, we will make restitution utilizing our preferred vendors. If this becomes unsatisfactory to the customer, Clearview Softwash will participate in legally binding arbitration. The commencement of the scope of work of this agreement binds the customer likewise. Be assured Clearview Softwash wishes to please each and every customer by handling their claim in a professional manner.


All of Clearview Softwash services are payable at the job site upon the completion of the scope of work. We accept cash, check, and credit card.  Credit card has a 3% processing fee. Non-payment of your account will exclude you from customer privileges like customer care and warranty claims. Clearview Softwash has a no pay, no spray policy. If you are not home at the time of service and no payment arrangement has been made in advance, Clearview Softwash will bypass your job for the day. Clearview Softwash reserves the right to place any unpaid account in collection. Client agrees to pay all collection costs, court costs, late fees, interest, administration and attorneys’ fees applicable by law. Venue for such court proceedings will be the county in which Clearview Softwash business resides.

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